Don’t complain about time, always saying that you don’t have enough of it. When I got a lot going on I increase my bandwidth. I create bandwidth. Create the bandwidth out of the problems you have. Every time I have a problem with time, I do more. I just increase my bandwidth.

The way to beat time is to pulverize it.

When you don’t have time, add something. When you look at your calendar and you think you’ve got too much going on, add something to it. When you find out you can do more it’s like building this right here. You’ll find you can do more.

You can run more, do more, write more, and sell more. 10X Bandwidth.

Increasing bandwidth requires you to be obsessed—not average. Are you bragging or complaining? “I got too much going on,” can be taken one of two ways. A guy told me yesterday he’s working his ass off. I asked him if he’s bragging or complaining. Which one are you doing? If you’ve made a commitment to be super freaking successful, you have to get your hustle on to make it to the big leagues.

If you make it to the place of super success, you are going to have a lot going on.You’ll never make it to that place if you are complaining now about having too much going on. When you do have monster success you’ll have too much going on and you’ll look back and say, “Man, I developed my too-much-going-on muscle.”

I took the sales thing, turned it into commerce, and built businesses out of it. It’s the trifecta—sales, commerce, business. If you’ve done the experiment of normal, of just like everybody else and you’re done with it, you need more energy. If you don’t like flying coach get your own plane. You don’t like the view where you are at change the view. You don’t like the cards you got, change the deck. You don’t have enough time increase your bandwidth.

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