No person is happy without a goal. Without goals, hopes, ambitions—without the attainment of pleasure it is nearly impossible to be happy. My goals bring me pleasure. If you want a different reality, you have to create it in your head first. What you think is what you do. Where your mind goes is where you go. You think it, then you do it, then you create it. That’s how I create my reality.

Many years ago I went to southern California and as I gazed over the beach in La Jolla I was so impressed by the place that I decided I wanted to live there. At the time, I couldn’t even rent there much less buy a house. Four years later I bought my beach-side home in La Jolla. I thought it, I did it, and then I created it. My ability to focus on my dream over and over and over again created that house. It became reality.

I thought it, I did it, and then I created it.

Everything that happens to you—you create it. Consider how many things you’ve created—where you live, where you work, your physical condition. Think about it—you are the one that put the food in and did or didn’t exercise. You applied for the job. You have created everything in your life—your mate, your attitude, your kids. For the formula of success to work in your life, you have to agree to the fact that you are the cause—the creator of everything that happens in your life. You create what you focus on. What you dream—what you think about—is what you get.

Dream it and achieve it. Intention is greater than the method. Don’t worry about how to buy the house on the ocean, worry about the clarity of intention in your mind. Focus is greater than strategy. Do not try and figure it out. Figure out where you want to go—not where you are. When you start trying to think about how to get there you’ll start to get confused. Focus on the outcome—the desire. With enough intention, the path will show up.

Intention is greater than the method

Pay attention to your dreams. I write them down—every day. The most successful people invest time and energy toward their goals. They aren’t lucky. They think it, they do it, and they create it. Most dreams take money. A lot of people couldn’t afford the $995 special I had running on Cardone University. That’s why I wanted to make something more affordable to YOU—an offer you can’t deny.

The Playbook to Millions is an exclusive course designed for people who have big dreams but are unsure of what steps to take. The books are limited so act today. I’d love to steer you onto the path of success. Remember you’ll get what you focus on.

Be great,