The Traits of the Greats

I know what makes great salespeople and what separates them from the average. Selling is as vital to your survival as food, water, and oxygen. Businesses fail only because they are unable to sell their ideas fast enough and at margins high enough to continue to be able to conduct business. 80% of all salespeople miss quota. You want to be one of the greats so you can exceed quota and get yourself some freedom. Here are 6 traits of great salespeople you need to have:

1. Great Salespeople Are Like Magicians—They are magicians with time, knowing how to manage time and opportunity. You can’t sense pressure with them. They are interesting to be around, special, and they don’t waste time on trivial things. They can win over the un-winnable. They get more done than others. They are master negotiators and completely skilled in their craft. Great salespeople don’t look like salespeople; they look magical—they are something special.

2. Great Salespeople Surround Themselves with Over-Achievers—They make little time for others. Sound harsh? You want to be great? You have to avoid good. And you have to avoid average like the plague. If you want to be a great performer, push away average performers and don’t accept average performances. Great salespeople will come early, stay late, and go the extra mile. They will be relentless with their battle plans.

3. Great Salespeople Are Not Satisfied with Awards and Paychecks—Oh good give me a little trophy, what am I going to do—collect 26 of them? The greats know they must be driven by more than just awards, rewards, and even money. They are guided and motivated by some kind of all-in inspiration from within that keeps them showing up long after others are no longer in the game. The greats are striving to satisfy something inside themselves.

4. Great Salespeople Are Immune to Negativity—They don’t want it and they don’t want to be around it. They won’t allow it and they say no negativity in their environment—it’s like the flu or trash. If you’ve got the flu stay home. How am I immune to it? I stay away from it. A woman came to my house for a couple of parties and was negative both times. I told my wife to cut her from the list. You get immune by quarantining yourself from it. Become immune to it by making a policy against it. I have a policy—zero negativity. That’s what the greats do.

5. Great Salespeople Never Lower Their Targets—Instead they increase their activity. Too often in life you have these high ambitions and then people start talking you into doing less. Even if you hit a lowered target you will still be unsatisfied because your original target was missed.

6. Great Salespeople Don’t Stay Busy, They Stay Productive—I’ve done them both—I’ve been very busy and I’ve been very productive. There is a difference. What you want is to be busy, but extremely productive. This is what the greats do, they don’t measure activities and efforts. They measure productivity. They don’t do tasks and lists, which result in paperwork, organizing, preparing, and filing. The greats get visibility and attention and business. Don’t go home and tell your kids, “I didn’t sell anything but I got organized and got my desk all pretty”. The average stay busy.

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Be great,
Grant Cardone

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