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The Top Success Tips of All Time – Grant Rant

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Hey Grant Cardone here your friend in sales and in business, I was recently asked what are your five best tips for success? My five best tips, my baller tips, my tips that will guarantee you will take it to the next level is:

No. 1 – Show up early. This has got to be about a thousand years old. Something my dad told me, his dad told him, my dads dad told him, my dads, dad, dad told him arrive there first prepared, get ready. Look even if you don’t do anything the hour before everyone else arrives people show up what is this guy, what is he, what’s he about? Clear your head get there early get your game ready.

No. 2 – Stay late. If they put in an 8 hour day put in a 10 hour day, if they put a 10 hour day put in a 12 hour day. I don’t get paid for that Grant yeah you do! What’s at home anyway nothing. The little kids don’t like you, the wife doesn’t want you there, the husband wants you to get back out there and sell something, get there early stay late.

No. 3 – Number three. You need 10 opportunities working for you all the time I need a full two hands God gave you two hands for a reason, if you want to count your toes do 20! Have ten opportunities working to close at all times. Ten! Not two, not four, not five, ten full hand thumb all fingers unless you had a finger cut off load up. And if you did have one of those digits removed keep with the ten man its an important number.

No. 4 – Prepare to be disappointed. It’s going to happen, it’s been happening to you your whole life. I don’t why people get shocked and get disappointed – You knew that was going to happen!Why are you surprised, prepare to be disappointed thats the reason you want ten opportunities or twenty, or a hundred thats why you guys see me hustle all the time. Working Saturdays and Sundays. Look success does not know about the calendar or the clock.

No. 5 – Never complain about how unfair the world is. I tell people all the time its an unfair world bro! Thats the way it is. Being the case that it is unfair, that the deck is stacked against you, go out there and get your unfair share.

Number 1 show up early, stay late number 2, number 3 get ten opportunities, number 4 be ready to be disappointed baby, and number 5 never complain about how unfair the world is, let somebody else do that about how you are getting yours and they are not getting theirs.

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