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The Top Common Mistake of the Affluent & the Broke

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Expansion vs. contraction. The mistake is this: mixing up when on should contract and when one should expand. Think about it like you’re driving a vehicle. You have the gas and the brake. Neither of them are “wrong” options. They both serve a purpose right? However, the misapplication or wrong timing of either of these options could be detrimental. If you’re driving down the highway at 70 mph and randomly slam your break instead of the gas pedal, there is a good chance you’ll be rear ended. Conversely if you’re at a red light at a busy intersection and you hit the gas instead of the brake, there is a good chance you’ll be t-boned. Expansion and contraction are similar. There are exact times when we should expand and if we do anything other than expand, it will result in the demise of our finances. Same thing goes for contraction. So the common problem between the affluent and the broke is that both groups commonly misapply contraction and expansion.

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