Every time someone learns something what do they do? They get excited. They go and share their information even if they know just a little bit about the subject. Highly educated, highly successful people get on Cardone University and they tell me, “Wow—I didn’t know this!” It’s encouraging because it means there’s more to learn, a place to go and grow. You see, without goals and learning, you can’t be motivated. Start learning more and you’ll start producing more. The more you produce the more your morale will increase. The more you learn the more confidence you have.

When I was 25 years old, I made a commitment to learn. If you knew how many workshops, how many tape programs, how many books, and how much personal training I’ve gotten—it would blow you away. I read as many books and listen to as many mp3’s as I can. I’m a learning machine. The most successful people are great learners, studiers, and masters of their profession. According to the 2013 Forbes Billionaire List, 86% love to read and while only 26% of the poor do.

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Imagine a doctor not continuing to educate himself on the latest medicine or lawyers not educating themselves on new laws? I want the best people around me—the best accountant, the best scientist, the most highly educated because they hold hope to new information. Successful people hold hope for new approaches and new possibilities. They don’t say, “I’ve been in this business 30 years and I know it all.” That’s a bad attitude, folks. That will cap you out on your ability to produce.

Great salespeople are masters in the art of learning. The most successful people in this world sign up for seminars first and they sign up right away. Get it? Those who need it the least sign up before those who need it the most. The people that need it the most say they can’t afford it. It’s incredible—the least successful people sit in the back rows and the most successful people sit in the front rows to get the best seats. They are eager to learn and constantly seek out learning opportunities. All great organizations have learning, education, and research as a core belief. A manager should not have to do everything him or herself. They should surround themselves with productive people.

Great salespeople are masters
in the art of learning.

There are a number of problems with our learning systems here in the USA. I remember being in school having to study courses I had no interest in. I was a terrible student for 17 years. From grade school to high school to college—I was bored. I was falling asleep in classes and I had no interest. I was a mediocre to low production student and people thought I had a learning problem. The truth is I did have a learning disability—I didn’t like to learn. I didn’t like to study and I had no interest in classes. I didn’t see how it applied to my life. Today, I look back and I know that those people were wrong about my education.

You thought it was because you weren’t good at math, or you weren’t good at science because you’ve had negative experiences with learning. Any person that doesn’t do well at something is going to respond like a person that is dumb. They will introvert, pull-out, and withdraw. If I can’t do well I’m not going to lean into it. If I can’t do well I won’t stay fully involved. Any person that can’t win won’t play with a full heart. So you must get a handle on this learning thing. If you don’t know how to learn, how to embrace data, how to gain knowledge—you will be left behind.

Any person that doesn’t do well at something is going to respond like a person that is dumb.

If you hear something you don’t understand, it’s called a misunderstood word. Any word that you can’t get a handle on you need to get an exact definition of it. Otherwise, you’ll lose interest in the course—you’ll show signs of being tired, bored, irritable, and maybe even want to quit the course. So never pass a word you don’t understand. If you have to look up a lot of words, look them up. You’d be surprised how many little words—of, the, a, and—that we don’t understand.

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The more interest you have in a subject the more you want to learn about it. Pick areas that you are interested in. Sign up for classes or workshops for anything that you are interested in—dancing, painting, selling, computers—anything. As an employer, you want to sign people up for things they are interested in. It may not have to do with your business, but it will raise the motivation and attitude of your people. When you expand your learning you expand your sense of security.

Education gives you a sense of being able to reach your goals. If you can’t reach your goals you’re not going to be highly motivated. Learn in small gradients until you get better and better. Study at the same time each day.

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Whether you are an entrepreneur just starting or a seasoned business professional, you WILL learn something. I promise.

Be great,