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Oliver Luckett and The Social Organism

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Grant Cardone interviews Oliver Luckett, CEO of Revilopark, on Power Players. Oliver talks about the idea that to understand social media you need to look at the inner workings of organisms. There are many parallels between social systems and biology. Cells are united with the same genetics, but each cell is different. You express yourself based on the platform you’re on. Find things that matter to you. And tell a story about it. Reverse engineer the outcome.
He offers for entrepreneurs the following advice:

1. Build the content that matters.
2. Put it in front of the people it matters to.
3. Use voices that matter to them

Take what people love about your brand and spread it out. Obama had hope, but then you break that message up to different channels—Colorado for Obama or Latino for Obama. The goal in business is to remove time and distance, and social media does that. Give value to a system. We are each a node in a network, and everybody is a cell in a much larger system.

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