The Scarcity Manual

How much are people spending each day? Money is not scarce! There are no shortages of it and it is not something to be concerned or worried about. People who say money doesn’t grow on trees don’t know what they are talking about. There are more dollars on planet Earth than trees, and the Fed can print a dollar a lot faster than you can grow a tree.

Belief in the scarcity of money is taught everywhere—“don’t waste”, “a penny saved is a penny earned”, “money won’t make you happy”, and on and on. All these sayings that people say to you perpetuate a sense of shortage and difficulty around the topic money. Notice how those saying these things are people that have trouble with money themselves? You won’t hear the wealthy telling you money won’t make you happy.

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Money is printed—it doesn’t need to be mined. It’s stored in big warehouses and distributed into the economy by politicians. When there is a shortage more money is simply printed. Money is created no different than the printing of sticky notes, legal pads, and toilet paper. The fact is, money is not scarce. There are many things that are scarce, and if you can capitalize on them, you can easily get more money.

Since money isn’t scarce, what things are truly scarce? There is a scarcity of raw materials like oil, gold, and clean water—but the big scarcity is time. There are only 24 hours in a day. Your time is scarce. You have a scarcity of attention. I can only put my focus on so many things at once. There is a finite amount of time people are willing to pay attention to you—most of the time you have less than 8 seconds before they decide you are either too boring or you’re worth listening to.

People’s attention is scarce and you need to treat it as valuable. Money is more plentiful than attention. Start treating attention as an asset. Don’t underestimate how much activity it takes to be noticed and to maintain attention in your space. We live in a time now when there’s never been more noise distracting people. You need to be obsessed with getting attention. Don’t fly under the radar. What are the costs of you, your brand, and your company remaining in obscurity?

Quit thinking money is scarce and start realizing how scarce time and attention are. Obtain the things that are truly scarce, and more money will come to you. Get on my Playbook today and I’ll teach you how to become a millionaire, a multi-millionaire—even a hecta-millionaire. You have a scarcity of money because you have a scarcity of knowledge. If you aren’t a millionaire, it’s because you aren’t sure how to become one. Let’s face it, if you really knew, you’d have done it by now. I’m going to pull the sale price on the Playbook and bring it back up to $5400 so get it now while it’s 90% off.

Be great,

Grant Cardone


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