The President Will Not Define Your Economy

Tomorrow, Americans will go out and vote for the next president of the United States of America. On Wednesday, your financial life, your brand, and your business will be exactly the same as it was before you voted. The government doesn’t control your economy—you control your own economy. After 2008 I realized there is The Economy which I have no control of and then there is My Economy. I control my economy and you control your economy. It’s the only economy any of us should be concerned with and it’s worthy of you investing all your time, energy and risk in creating for yourself.

We are entering a new economic age. I believe the economy you work and live in will continue to get worse, and it will get a lot worse for all those who don’t embrace their own economy with the middle class continuing to disappear. Those who succeed economically will only be those able to create their own economy. There are 50 million people on government assistance, 41 million on food stamps, and 22 million people out of work with most of America making less money than they did 15 years ago. The writing is on the wall.

The economy is failing you.

Your economy is your only solution, and for it to work you must get started thinking about you, your finances, your family, and your company. No one will take care of you because they are unable to take care of themselves. The Republicans, the Democrats—your boss—no one can take care of you but you. People have been depending on others for too long for their financial security. This security has failed hundreds of millions of people.

Anyone can participate in their own economy if they are willing to put themselves first, think big, learn how to sell, and refuse to quit. This is no longer your mommy and daddy’s economy and their traditional advice will not help you in building your economy. The old ideas of fly under the radar, be patient, don’t toot your own horn, don’t take risk, save your money—all of these ideas will fail you. Today you need to be selfish before you can be generous.

You must take risk, be in a hurry, be loud, noisy and persistent beyond any consideration. You can not overthink this market and you can not be a spectator and make it.

It has never been easier to start a business, it’s never been easier to get known, and never in the history of the world has there been more validation of the possibility of getting rich—but there is no such thing as part time. This is a concept made up by those who have already quit. Sorry if I am the naysayer here, but you and I don’t know of one person who has real freedom that created it part time. Never before in my lifetime have I seen more opportunity available than today for anyone to create super success—but if you aren’t all in you won’t create it. You won’t create your own economy working 4 hours a week.

The failing of the overall economy is going to force the individual to realize they are ultimately responsible for the creation of their happiness regarding work, career, and finances. Those that refuse to take responsibility for their economy will continue to experience envy, resentment, and anger until they move into apathy and give up. Those that understand their happiness can be created by taking responsibility for creating the life they want by creating their own economy will experience happiness in every area. This is a time when you can do anything any way you want. There is validation everywhere of people becoming super successful from their phone wherever they are in the world.

Since we can live anywhere today I expect we will see the old cities die and a handful of large sexy cities continue to grow. People will buy fewer homes and remain nimble. I also believe traditional colleges will be greatly affected over the next twenty years where we discover we have a glut of college campuses that are no longer necessary for most to succeed. I have moved five times in my career to get myself, my family, and my employees in the best location. We wanted access to the Hispanic markets so we moved the entire company to Miami to have closer vicinity to South America—and to save a lot of money from excess taxes in California.

The biggest obstacles in creating your economy will be your personal discipline and how you handle fear, insecurity, rejection, disappointment and overcoming challenges. Some things never change and your ability to handle your personal demons will be the ultimate challenge in creating the economy you deserve.

Those that invest in growing their self-worth will be those that are able to grow their net worth and networks.

As an employer, I can access anyone anywhere today and be able to work with the best of the best—anywhere in the world. This is a game changer for both the employer and the employee. The biggest challenge is finding the needle in the haystack. So many people are looking for better jobs and so many companies are looking for good people, but there is a glut of average people in the workforce. Great people get overlooked because there are so many people to access and companies have difficulty finding the greatness due to all the low responsibility people who don’t yet understand the severity of the situation.

The older industries whose executives refuse to embrace technology and social media are in a business beating of epic proportions. Fast is the new big and any company or industry unwilling to cannibalize their own products and services, unwilling to terminate sacred cows, and resist embracing new technology will no longer be relevant and cease to exist. Anyone who fully embraces the future can own it as long as they are willing to consume themselves, go fast as possible and then spread like wildfire. This will not be a time of board meetings and planning.

Old ways won’t work in creating your economy.

Those who are less committed to brick and mortar and old ideas will go further. Any industry where time is an issue will be disrupted. I wrote in Sell or Be Sold, “The only reason anyone buys a product is to solve a problem.” Think Uber solving the problem with cabs. I am working on creating a debt crowdfunding for people to be my bank in real estate deals with the hopes of raising $250 million dollars and building a $4B real estate portfolio providing individuals with a better place for their money to be than in the banks.

There is a lot of good news for those who embrace the creation of their own economy. Every aspect of life will be affected and it can only get better. For those that don’t focus on their economy but worry about politics and THE economy, things will only get worse. 76% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck, 47% of Americans have no money in the bank, and 70% of workers are unhappy with their job. Focusing on your economy is not a risk—its your solution to your income challenges and your happiness.

Don’t think your economy isn’t going to be work, because if you are doing it to simply work for yourself for the same money you will fail. You have to operate with a ferocious attitude to be super successful not just simply get by. You must find an undying obsession to succeed with your new idea and bring it to market with speed and certainty despite any doubts you may have. This is a game of SALES so learn how to sell because you will be making the biggest sale of your life. Bringing new ideas is one thing, creating your economy is a completely different one. Learn how to be omnipresent creating the illusion you are larger than life with the ability to be everywhere all at the same time and refuse to quit the marketplace.

Whether Donald or Hillary wins tomorrow, the economy won’t change for you unless you take charge of your economy. Invest in yourself today in one of my training programs and I promise you it will help your economy.

Be obsessed or be average,


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