The Old Media is Dead—Become a Celebrity in the New World of Media

30 years ago, there were 4 main ways that you could get known. You could get on the radio, get in the newspaper, network with people outside your office, or get on television. Today in 2017, you can still use those methods, but there are newer, more effective ways to get known. If you aren’t using the 4 new things I’m going to tell you about below, you are a dinosaur stuck in the 1980’s.

Your biggest mistake is obscurity. You need to become a celebrity.

To build your brand and sell your products, you have to get known throughout your city, your state, your country, and then the entire world. The bottom line is if you don’t have time to promote yourself, nobody is going to know you. When nobody knows you, nobody flows you. Here are the four new ways of becoming a media mogul that Russell Brunson—who will be at 10X GrowthCon—has talked about:

1) 1980’s: Newspaper / 2017: Blogging

It used to be a big thing when you could get in the paper, but nobody buys newspapers anymore because we have the Internet. Your blog is the new newspaper. I have a lot to say and want things in writing because the more quality content I produce, the more people will find me—and keep coming back. It takes time and commitment to write articles.

In addition to putting articles out on LinkedIn and GrantCardoneTV every day, I jam content out to Entrepreneur, CNBC, Business Insider, the Huffington Post and more. I don’t need to be in the Miami Herald today and wait for them to approve and print it, I can publish to the world from my laptop NOW.

2) 1980’s: Radio / 2017: Podcasting

While there are plenty of uses for radio, people want to listen to things on demand in today’s world. Podcasts have exploded the past 5 years and I’ve got a multitude of them up on iTunes. I got over 2,000,000 downloads of my podcasts last year, and I’m on pace to double that this year. The best thing about it is I can control the content I put out because it’s my show. Get your own podcast and you basically have your own radio show today.

Be sure and check out my podcasts. The Cardone Zone, Young Hustlers, and Real Estate Made Easy are just some of what I have to offer for your daily commute.

3) 1980’s: TV / 2017: YouTube

I don’t need to be on TV to be on someone’s screen today. The whole world is using YouTube and stars are being made on the platform. I’ve got over 28,000,000 views and counting. Some of my videos were done on phones, some of them are 30 seconds long, some of them are 7 minutes long, and some of them are 50 minutes long. I record everything; I shoot video constantly because we are in a video universe.

Where is there a TV channel today? YouTube is a TV network. That’s where you’re going to get all your TV in the future. I can make whatever show I want today and put it up for people to watch. Every person that wants to get well-known should be banging YouTube videos out on a regular basis.

4) 1980’s: In-Person Networking / 2017: Social Media

Back in the day you had to get out of your house, go across town, and meet up with people in person to start prospecting and to get known. You could—and still can—also use the phone to network with people—something that is lost on many people even today. That said, networking was the primary mode of meeting new people up until the 80’s.

In 2017 the new networking is on Facebook, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, and every other social media platform your customer spends their time on. You can search a person’s profile, get data, and befriend people and message them without ever seeing them face-to-face. You can find an army of people to network with and collaborate with on these networks. Face-to-face networking is still very effective, but if you aren’t networking on social media, you’re not really networking.

Don’t just use 1 or 2 of these 4 methods above—use them all. A few years ago I made a decision to get known. I have the goal to get 7 billion people to know who I am, and I’m grinding every day to make it a reality. I’m networking, getting on screens, and making sure people are listening to me and reading me—all to get my name out there. The simple fact of life is the more people you reach the more people you can help.

As great as social media is for networking, the truth is there are still great opportunity to network in person, and there is no bigger, better chance to meet great people than at10XGrowthCon next month. Tickets are almost sold out. Learn more about this event here.

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