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The New Year Needs Action

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Description: Things are black and white – stop graying them out. If the light is on, it’s not off. If you dim the light, it’s still on. It will no longer be on when you turn it off. If you are wasting time thinking about moving to your goals then you’re not physically moving to your goals. If you spend more time watching TV then you are dumbing down. If you complain about where you are without looking at your actions then you’re confused. You may need to orient.

In 2009, I was living in my mother’s dark, dingy basement trying to figure my life out. It took me a whole 7 years to understand what was missing in the book, “Think and Grow Rich” I mean, I read it in the basement in 2009. I thought like crazy. I meditated for hours, I wrote stuff down. I was a student. Here is where it all turned around for me… once I applied ACTION. Are you ready to be the person you want to become. Let’s do it together. Happy New Year!