The Marketing Tool Used by LinkedIn, Disney, and eBay

Do you know what LinkedIn, eBay, Hertz, 1-800-Flowers,, and Disney have in common?

They all use the same marketing tool…

…They are all customers of LinkResearchTools and Link Detox.

My software that I built for agencies and big brands.

How our marketing tool, LinkResearchTools, helps companies grow

What does LinkResearchTools do? It takes care of our clients’ SEO, their online marketing and their link building with accurate data.

Our clients value and they appreciate all the efforts and all the quality that we provide for them.

You won’t find anything comparable service… Neither in price nor in the quality of data.

For example:

Here’s how we helped Hertz increase their revenue by almost 600%.

LinkResearchTools is built for serious business owners


If you only have $100 in the bank, then we are not for you.

But, if you want to play with the big guys, like Disney, eBay, Zalando, 1-800-Flowers…

…And grow your business, then LinkResearchTools is for you.

Want the same results in your business?

Want to learn more? Here’s what LinkResearchTools can do for your business:

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