The Future of Work

The Future of Work: How the Tide is Turning—and Why You Need to Know

Are the days of full-time work numbered? Maybe…but probably not. But as company-man-turned-solopreneur Steve Pruneau says in this episode, the nature of work is changing, right beneath our feet. At one point, Pruneau thought he was headed up the corporate ladder, but soon realized that the traditional, hierarchical dynamic just wasn’t for him and he didn’t thrive in it. Many don’t—which is why we’re seeing growth in solopreneurship and a shift in how independents work. And yet, does that mean wecan’t work with other people? Of course not. The future of work is not work in isolation, and in fact, no one canor should do iton their own. But the new way of working will require us to think flexibly. Are you ready for it?

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