The Fundamentals of Marketing Strategy – 10X Productions By Robert Syslo Jr

There are many people that talk about what is needed and what should be done with marketing.  Many opinions and all are valid in their own right. This article will discuss what takes place with Grant Cardone’s 10X Productions and how we apply it to marketing strategy.  I am going to focus on one aspect in this article but will break it down into parts for understanding. The focus is going to be on this statement: the fundamentals of your marketing strategy is grounded in the perspective and viewpoint of your audience.  This was something that Grant Cardone always talks about and still does in everything he does. What is their viewpoint not yours, what is it that they see here not you.


As marketers and artists we tend to get caught up in the mechanics, the art, and the look of an advertisement and video, we forget to do a very simple but powerful step that Grant always speaks of with his marketing team and that is of assuming the viewpoint of the audience.  What you see and what you know is what you see and what you know. But what the audience sees when they view an ad or a video is going to be based on what they know and their viewpoint. The task then lies for the business owner, the marketing team and what we do at 10X Productions in being able to step outside of the realm of what we know as marketers and step into the different viewpoints of the audience to better communicate the product and service we are marketing.  Let’s look at how we can do this.



Society has levels, Grant says we live on an economic planet and we do, that is considered a level.  The middle class and below has a certain viewpoint. The upper end of the middle class has their viewpoint where it is better but probably not the way they wish it.  Then you get into the top 11% of earners in the United States and their viewpoint is drastically different than the rest of the people we have mentioned. Then there is the top 1% whose viewpoint is totally outside of what it is that someone on the low end of the social strata sees.  How do you communicate to everyone and sell a singular product and service? Assuming the viewpoint. The first step is to look at the levels and attempt to identify how these individuals think and operate. If your goal is to try and help them then help them by speaking to them. A fatal mistake is to rely on the same ad and hope it hits everyone at once.  If you watch Grant and what he does he communicates all levels of society, because he wants to help everyone. What we do as Grant’s marketing team is mimic that for you. 10X Productions assumes the viewpoint, then enters into the levels of the social strata to which we can communicate with clients to see your product and service.



Implementation of the advertising campaign is grounded on the above idea of levels.  I also want to mention here that socio-economical levels is not the only thing to base your campaign on there are hundreds to operate.  Some people may not respond to the money piece, but you have to appeal to a more emotional aspect that is truthful, to get them to come around and see the money piece.  The execution of this is utilize in video production, graphics, and even phone calls. The campaign really hinges on the sales professional being capable of understanding the levels to which they are dealing with when they speak with someone on the phone and the marketing team should relate that information to the sales team so everyone is on the same page.  A unit working together to have a common purpose of helping those they are trying to sell to, is highly effective, Grant does this all the time with everyone in the business its quite magical to witness. At 10X Productions were looking to get in front of the right people at the right time as frequently as we can and that is the basis for the execution, frequency and development of an audience that can understand and relate to your product and service.



When Grant Cardone talks about sales, you will hear him say ask him again to sign the deal, or “have you seen enough to make a decision”. Grant’s top sales crew will ask this question 5 or 6 times maybe more in a presentation.  If you can do it face to face, you should be doing it in your marketing. Ask for the business, ask the for the lead, ask for some exchange every time you place a piece of promotion in the marketplace. And then you ask again, and then ask again.  Use the stories and content you create to ask and put that content to work with repetition. Target your audience and then retarget them again. Grant says it takes 7-12 attempts to follow up with someone to get on a call, why would that be any different inside of marketing?  In fact it might take more because you have to work through all the noise that social media presents to you the business owner. They have to see you, and know that you exist over and over again before they can feel comfortable enough to justify taking action with you. Now I’m not saying that everyone will respond to this way, there will be times where you hit the nail on the head and get it right.  I would not base that on the norm, I would look at it from the viewpoint of ok, this campaign will launch, I will expect that I have to get people accustomed to me and my company. Expect this and the audience will follow suit.


The Viewpoint

Think to yourself how many thoughts you have running through your mind in a moment.  How fast do those thoughts change from second to second? Now go outside of yourself and realize that all 7+ billion people on planet earth experience the same thing.  What does it take to get your attention, and what does it take to get their attention? Welcome to the world of marketing. Grant Cardone and his marketing team 10X Productions focuses on “cutting through the noise”.  There is a lot of it. Your marketing not only has to communicate to every social strata, and viewpoint but it also has to break through everything else that is happening. I remember when I first started with Grant Cardone about 5 years ago he talked about this regarding Santa Claus.  He was doing an interview and explained how Santa Claus causes such a disruption to business, he is not even real but comes in and takes everyone’s money. You have to be Santa Claus in your space, that is how big you have to play at when it comes to your marketing. 10X Productions and any agency for that matter is competing with this.  Expand outwards at such an explosive rate to capture and maintain the attention of the audience you are trying to show case your product to.


The Promotion

Now with the above mentioned explored in relation to viewpoint, now its time to promote.  Build your campaigns out on every social platform, and build these sub campaigns to hit every level, then repeat, and acknowledge the viewpoints your trying to work with.   It is a very large game, one I did not fully get the grasp of until about a year ago. The effort required can be severely underestimated. I also saw this in sales, I realized the amount of phone calls it takes to get one deal is dramatically high, but with the right level of persistence and consistent promotion deals get made and business can expand.  Let this be a guiding light for your marketing and promotion, the right levels of persistence and consistent promotion leads to deals getting made, products being sold, and massive expansion for your company. Stopping is fatal, the same is fatal, only massive levels of expansion get the job done. Look at what Grant Cardone has been able to accomplish, huge levels of reach and amazing business expansion.  


At 10X Productions Grant Cardone’s marketing team is focused on the above points.  Without them nothing takes place, expansion slows and stalling out can occur. Promote to the people you talk to, know your audience and communicate with them and ensure that whatever you do, never try to blanket one advertisement, one tweet, one post and hope this will work.  It takes much more effort than that. Use the effort and treat it like a game, the best players win and as Grant Cardone says “Promoters always win”. Be a promoter and expand as hard as you can into the marketplace.

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