The Federal Reserve is a Scam

Money is anything that is accepted for value and is only as valuable as the confidence people have in it. The dollar is not backed by gold, it’s just that people accept it as valuable. The country is $20 trillion in debt. What are you doing to protect your money? What is the validity of the Federal Reserve? Where do banks get their money from? These are questions you should know.

I’m beginning to do a little homework on the Federal Reserve, also known as “the Fed,” which is the central bank of the US. It was created way back in 1913. Whenever I don’t know what’s true and what’s not, I do tests. I went to the bank this summer and told them I needed a million dollars—cash. They asked for a reason, and I replied,

“You didn’t ask me for a reason when I put it in, so why are you asking me about it when I want to take it out?”

I wanted to test to see if I could even get my money. The excuses the bank used to not give me my million dollars right away were:

• They told me I need to meet with the IRS.
• They said I need to have security with me.
• They wanted to give me a cashier’s check.
• They suggested I need to take financial training classes.
• They explained they need to order the cash.

If you go to the bank and ask for even $100K, believe me, you won’t get it that day. The US has been for 200 years a country that has been built into greatness, but there are big problems because it is a pure credit nation now. If I give a million to a bank, they loan 9 million back out. The money you have is digits in a bank. Understand two things today:

1. Inflation is a Thief—You have no control over the cost of items and how your dollars are being de-valued.

2. Don’t Trust the Fed—Any stimulus the Fed gives the economy won’t change the fact that you have to make your economy.

You need the ability to sell your products and services in any economy and inflate your income. I‘ve been in business over 30 years and I’ve got a bunch of money—I know how to make it because I know how to sell. Those who don’t have the skill of selling, along with everyone in the middle class, is going to get disrupted in the days ahead. When, not if, things go bad, you will need more money—and remember that money is anything that is excepted for value. Even if you want to go into things like Gold or Bitcoin, you need fiat currency to buy those things today.

You need to get rich. Start increasing your income so you can save and have something to invest in. Don’t be a slave to the Fed, the economy, or your own inability to increase your income. Get on my today.


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