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The Enterepreneur MD David Karli, Talks Health

In this Show

Who: GFS was Founded by Dr. David Karli and Zoe Bedford. David is a Harvard trained MD entrepreneur and specialist in Rehabilitation and Regenerative Medicine. He is the Founder and CEO of a stem cell biotechnology company, fitness enthusiast and the host of a web-tv program called EntrepreneurMD.

Zoe is a serial entrepreneur in the health/fitness, wellness, medical distribution and beauty markets. She has been involved in retail, distribution and product development in several companies. She is currently a founding partner in a startup network marketing company called BMor.
What: GFS is your online marketplace for nutritional and sports supplementation and all-things-health. We give you access to the most effective products to optimize your nutrition – all while providing expert reviews and user education.

Why: The supplementation industry is a multi-billion dollar market place. A large majority of the end-consumer purchasing is minimally informed because there is so much misleading info, leading to suboptimal choices of product and purpose. Product options in the space vary greatly in regard to quality, purity, bioavailability and of course, price. No trusted broad-reaching resource exists to evaluate product options and provide guidance, education and motivation to meet the goal of nutritional supplementation: optimize nutrition and improve health and human performance.

How: Gym Food Store will continually research the best in category products and provide both written and video-based reviews, accessible to the end-consumer. It will create a virtual community of members interested in optimizing their health, nutrition, performance and lifestyle. We will be interviewing product manufacturers, consulting with nutrition exercise biochemist, and many other key developers in this space. Our goal is to help you identify and validate product selection so that you aren’t wasting money or time on products that simply are subpar.

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