Limiting the amount of success you desire makes you the ‘Comfortable Middle-Class Guy’.

When you start limiting the amount of success you desire, I assure you that you will also limit what will be required of you in order to achieve success and will fail miserably at doing what it takes to keep it. Most people believe that a comfortable middle-class life includes clothes, a house, a few cars, vacation time, maybe an upper-management position, and some money in the bank.

You can earn $1 million a year and still be the Comfortable Middle-Class Guy. No matter how much money you make, you can still adopt middle-class thinking and actions. It is more of a mindset that creates the trap that will fail you. The middle class is, in large part, a goal that will not provide you with what you truly want.

Being middle class means having:
• A reliable job with fair to good pay
• Consistent health care
• A fairly comfortable home in a nice neighborhood
• A good education (whatever that means) for one’s children
• Time off for vacations (this is highly valued)
• Money in a 401(k) that is growing and allowing for a decent retirement

The idea that one would only need enough to be “comfortable” or “adequately satisfied” is a concept that has been sold—by the educational system, the media, and politicians—to convince an entire population of people to settle instead of strive for abundance. The whole country has been brainwashed into the Comfortable Middle-Class Guy way of thinking and goal setting.

If you don’t have any concerns in life right now, it’s a signal that you are only doing what’s comfortable for you—and that will only get you more of what you have right now. Those who succeed were—at one point or another in their lives—willing to put themselves in situations that were uncomfortable, whereas the unsuccessful seek comfort from all their decisions.

I promise you the most important things I have done in my life were not the things I was comfortable doing; in fact, many of them made me very uneasy.

That doesn’t mean that I’m always changing just for the sake of changing; however, I know that getting too comfortable, too relaxed, and too familiar causes me to become soft and lose my creativity and hunger to stay out front.

Be willing to be uncomfortable, and do what makes other people uncomfortable as well. Don’t be the Comfortable Middle-Class Guy. If you want to escape this trap, get away from media lies, get daily motivation, and practical skills to do the uncomfortable, check out Cardone University where you will find over 1500 videos on-demand to push you to that next level. It won’t be comfortable and it’s not free, because anything worth having or doing costs something, whether it is time, energy, or money.

What is the cost of being the Comfortable Middle-Class Guy? Well, what is the cost of living paycheck to paycheck? What is the cost of having “just enough” only to realize one day, when it’s too late, that just enough just isn’t enough? I’ve lived it, and it’s not worth it.

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Be uncomfortable, nothing else pays.