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What is the Business of the Extreme Sports Industry?

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Today on Ask the Pro Robert Syslo Jr. talks to Drew Coalson, the head of content distribution for the Enthusiast Network—the sports entertainment face to iconic brands such as Motor Trend, Surfer, Transworld Skateboarding, and GrindTV. Drew discusses how video feeds the social media beast. Brands that aren’t producing video don’t get as much traction, so be as good as you can be in video and squash your competitors. The fact is video online is only going to become more and more important. Drew also takes a clean approach to business, knowing that the content you put out will determine whether or not big brands will want to be associated with your company. By staying clean and trying to make the world a better place you have a better chance of securing the right kind of partners. Be powered by your passions, adopt whatever social media is hot, and reach bigger and bigger audiences so that you can continually expand!