The Biggest Benefit to Having Our Own Plane! – Tom Alston

“The biggest benefit to having our own plane… I can do things on my own terms”

A women’s apparel manufacturer in southern California turned to Aero & Marine Tax Professionals to get a sales tax exemption on the purchase of a Gulfstream jet.

The company owner said “We are in women’s apparel. We own three different women’s brands. All are distributed in US and Internationally. One line is denim, one line only button up shirts and one more popular with everything from shoes, to beachwear, women’s clothes and outerwear. I travel once a month a least to New York or Internationally. Everything from visiting distributors, fashion week, or showing the line to sales teams in different states and countries. I always traveled first class, and the tickets were getting pretty outrageous. I decided that getting the plane would actually be more cost effective.”

“The biggest benefit to having our own plane is that it is easier to travel by your own plane than first class. Especially when you are traveling internationally and you have to get there so many hours ahead of time. It’s easier to change the schedule. We no longer have to deal with security, and I was having to do that so often. I can do things on my own terms. Before I would have late meetings and was having to cancel and re-do reservations, and was wasting a lot of money doing that. Now, I no longer have to cancel and re-do reservations,” concluded the company owner.

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