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The Best Place to Find Money: Young Hustlers

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The Best Place to Find Money

Finding where your money is can be a huge challenge for a lot of people and it’s easy to get a little lost. Here are three tips to help you identify where you can find money.

Explore new venues and locations.
Don’t be locked into your small town or neighborhood. When you do that you insulate yourself from the possibilities out there. There is more money outside the town you live in than in the town you live in. Go see places. Do things. Go on a trip. Go to a conference.

Get uncomfortable.
You won’t make money being comfortable. If you can master what makes you uncomfortable, that means your attacking your areas that need work and being a more effective person. If you are aware of what make you uncomfortable, you can grow as a person and will be capable of doing more.

Get around like-minded people.
Your social circle should be about supporting your mission, not just for having fun and laughs. If the group you spend time with aren’t aligned with your goals then you are being distracted. Doing things with your friends like attending a conference, doing a phone sales blitz together are what helps you stay energized and working towards finding your money.

Find your money. Actively seek it out. Don’t settle. Want more help finding your money? Come to the 10X Growth Conference in Miami, February 1-3. Click HERE.

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