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That’s Not My Job – Grant Rant

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“That’s not my job” is BS. Everything is your job. That’s not my job, no, I’m a communist. That’s somebody else’s job that’s what this guy is saying. That’s not my job, I don’t do that, this person is saying, I am not a team player, I’m a follower not a leader, I’m not a problem solver, I’m a problem, okay. I’m a log on the wheel I won’t get the card anywhere.

“It’s not my job, it’s not what I do, I’m a union worker man. Don’t you understand? I’m a fly attendant, I can’t fly the plane. I’m a mommy, I can’t pretend to be daddy. I’m a student, I refuse to teach. I’m a follower, I’ll never be a leader. I can’t get the job done.”

This person is telling you who they are. Get rid of them, get them out of your life. “That’s not my job” is BS.

Everything is your job. If you want to become more valuable to your company, if you want to become more valuable to your community, if you want to become more valuable to this planet, be responsible, you are not even being responsible for your thoughts right now. Listen to what you are saying “it’s not my job,” I can’t do anything about it, I can’t make a difference, I don’t know what’s happening. Would you ever admit that? Even if it was true? Of course not. You would say what? I’ll handle it. Give it to me. Give me more.

I want to take on more. I don’t know what I am doing, but give it to me, man. Hell, this other people don’t know what they are doing and they are getting the job done, give it to me. Give me everything. See, this is what the people around you don’t hear. Never say “that’s not my job.” It says that you are a follower, not a leader. It says that you don’t want to participate in the solution. Look, it’s all your job. If it’s not your job, if you are not the person, than who is? Nobody is more talented than you are, nobody is smarter than you. Take it on. Don’t tell people “it’s not my job.”

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