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That is Impossible

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Hey Grant Cardone here your friend in sales and in business, that is impossible Grant. It is impossible I had a gentleman tell me in my office it is impossible you cannot do that. I said look I want when you search my name I want the first page to be these things, my website, my twitter, my Facebook, my google+, my YouTube channel, my videos I want that first page to be all those things and he said Grant that is impossible its not going to happen. The person that says thats impossible is admitting to the world that they can only do little things. Im a crab. I live on sand on a beach I move through little things and find things to eat every once in a while and then the ocean comes up and takes me back out to sea. You have to get great now, you have to get great at your job there is nothing impossible. Everyone says its impossible until some cat walks up and says hey I just proved it we can fly. We can actually send transmissions across the planet without picking up a telephone, I can send photographs across the world and get many people to see it at the same time even though we are in different time zones. There is nothing impossible unless you think its impossible. Get rid this idea of thats impossible out of your head, give it up, drop it from what you are thinking. Its not impossible even if it is, people admire the person that tries to make the impossible, possible. By the way if you are hiring people and they say its impossible, do not hire them and if they are working for you right now make sure you let them go.

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