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Thankful, But Not Satisfied

In this Show

Husband and wife team Grant and Elena Cardone address the harsh realities of the protesting in Ferguson, Missouri. Does protesting and destroying the business of your neighbors help the situation? No. It doesn’t hurt the government or the police. It hurts the people around you who are in the same bad situation. Grant and Elena talk about taking action in a positive way, rather than being destructive.

#grantitude : Being thankful, but not satisfied.

Being “Thankful, But Not Satisfied” might sound like a negative approach, but the Cardone duo explains why it isn’t and how to live life with a higher purpose.

Thankful, But Not Satisfied
1. Focus on your own faults first.
2. Take inventory of yourself.
3. Bring more than you take.

The two also discuss their approach to their own marriage and open up about being overly critical and changing their focus inward, resulting in genuine happiness.

For the next 48 hours, G&E want you to aim higher:
• Grant’s Tip: Find no faults in others.
• Elena’s Tip: Commit random acts of kindness.

Grant also receives a surprise from the CITY of Houston, not just an individual, the entire city!