A Tale of Two Cold Calls

I can dissect a phone script and make small variations, and I have proven that I can make you 80X more effective on a cold call. A phone call must have the right greeting, it must set a hook, it must make a big claim, and it must qualify the lead when they show interest. The difference between the right call and the wrong call is like comparing a kitten to a tiger. Here’s an example of a bad cold call:

Wrong Call:

A) I am Joe Leisure from Grant Cardone’s offices.

B) We are the leader in sales training getting 20-50% increase in sales results.

C) Id like to meet with you to discuss how our company can benefit your company.

D) Can I get a time this week to show you what we can do for your company?

What did he do wrong?

Wrong: “I am Joe Leisure from Grant Cardone’s office.”

This should be one name only. I don’t want you saying my name’s Joe Leisure. Quit using your first and your last name. Unless if you are famous and people know you, they don’t care what your last name is.

Right: “This is Joe from Grant Cardone’s office.”

Wrong: “We are the leader in sales training getting 20-50% increase in sales results.”

You are in the game of money, and money follows attention. Be interesting first. You must grab and hook attention. Think about it—nobody opens a door to somebody they don’t know to find out their name, they open the door to find out what they’re doing on their porch. What is the reason you are calling? Why are you calling, why are you on the phone?

Wrong: “Hey Mr. Cardone, how are you doing today?”

You didn’t call me to ask me how I’m doing. Nobody likes that.

Wrong: “How’s the weather down there?”

Stop it, you aren’t a weather man. Just stop. I don’t want to tell you how the weather is down here. It’s 80 degrees and sunny, like it always is. You need to instead give your reason for calling and make your big claim, and do it quickly.

Right: “Mr. Cardone asked me to call and give your company a tool he created that has increased sales at companies like yours by as much as 40%.”

Make sure you qualify right after your claim. Here are 3 qualifiers that are effective:

A) What the Reoccurring Problem Is

B) What the Magic Problem Is

C) The money question.

“To be sure I’m not wasting your time and that I can actually help you, tell me,

A) Reoccurring Problem: “What are your two biggest recurring problems you’ve experienced with sales people?”

B) Magic Problem: “If I could snap my fingers and solve this problem, or if you believed in magic and we could solve a problem, what would it be?”

C) The Money Question: “Why would you guys spend money on this?” Anytime you’re in the close, anytime you’re in a deal, you need to ask people this type of question.

After you qualify and the customer is interested, it’s time to see if you can get an appointment:

Wrong: “I would like to meet with you to discuss how our company can benefit your company.”

Right: “If I could accomplish 10% of what I have stated would you make time to see me? Other than yourself who else would need to see this tool in order to understand how to use it? When is a time I can get your full attention for about 18 minutes to demonstrate the product and show how your sales team will benefit from it?”

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