When to Take a Vacation

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How productive are your trips? Vacation can make you feel miserable if you haven’t already earned work happiness. How do you do vacations right? Never say “No work” on a vacation.

We don’t call it a vacation; we just move our office. There’s something about traveling and seeing other places that inspires the spirit and expansion. Here are some tips:

1) It’s not just a vacation
2) Everyone gets what they want
3) Should be more productive than normal

Just do your life. Get things done while “on vacation” and you will feel better about the vacation. Production always yields satisfaction.

  • Patricia Cipri

    Yes, I deserve a vacation. I would make our honeymoon vacation into the St. Barts Executive mastermind Retreat. We are getting married on Sept 22nd. TICKETS ARE OUT OF OUR RANGE BUT I BELIEVE

  • John Haines

    Thanks guys, great show. love coming and checking in everyday