1. Prepare: The more prepared you are the more confident you are. You need to have a script. You need to know what you will say when you get an objection. People fear cold calling because they aren’t prepared. Let’s say that John needs to make a cold call, a task that immediately causes him to feel anxiety. So rather than picking up the phone and making the call immediately, he gets a cup of coffee and thinks about what he is going to do. His lengthy contemplation only causes his fear to grow, as he imagines all the ways the call could go badly and all the potentially terrible things that could happen. If you truly prepare you will have confidence.

2. Practice: Practice makes perfect. If you aren’t sharpening your phone skills you will be getting hung up on! Role play every day. To become one of the greats, you have to practice, not just play. To become a great golfer, for example, you have to commit every fiber of your being to the game and still know there’s more to learn. The more you practice handling objections, the more natural you’ll sound. If you were giving a press conference to the world, you’d drill and practice what you were going to say. You’d consider how your address would be perceived and the effect that it might create before you’d go out in front of the world with it. In addition to preparation, drilling and practice build confidence.

3. Process: We have a 4-step process for cold calling. You need an Intro, a reason for calling (a big claim), a way to qualify the person, and a method of locking the apt. down or closing. Each step is necessary. All of your preparation and practice will be for not if you don’t have the right structure to build your script around. You need more than enthusiasm and confidence, you need skills.

Why do you need to cold call? Because you need expansion. Master the Cold Callhas just been released this week and it will make you a stone-cold killer on the phone. If you’ve been cold calling for awhile and are tired of rejection, or even just starting to think about starting to cold call, check it out. I promise it will deliver.

Be great,

Grant Cardone