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Take on Big Pharma

In this Show

In this edition of the G and E Show Grant and Elena Cardone take on big pharma. Grant struggled for many years with drugs and knows the challenges that many struggle with. Drugs are a problem for good people. It doesn’t just make a problem for individuals, it creates problems for whole families. The side effects are endless. How is taking a drug natural? People think it’s normal. You must confront it. Think about some of these facts:

80% of all pain meds, prescription drugs, on planet earth are consumed by less than 5% of the population.

99% of the world’s Vicodin is consumed by Amercians

Big pharma hit over a trillion in sales this past year

28K overdoses last year

There are 300 million guns in US and 4 billion prescriptions. Average household has 15 prescriptions.

There are fewer deaths in cars and guns than overdoses. 50 deaths everyday of pain med overdoses.

They banned tobacco in commercials. Why aren’t we banning pharma?

Over 10 million kids put on Ritalin for hyperactivity.

The bottom line is most of the time drugs are not needed. Drugs are seen as an easy solution. There are no short cuts in life folks. Big pharma manufactures problems. People must confront the pain, ask why they have the pain in the first place, take no short cuts, and never trust the “trusted” sources. Just because you are a “doctor” and wear a white suit doesn’t mean I should trust you.

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