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What would you say to me if I asked you to lend me some money? If I told you the reason I wanted to borrow your money was to invest it in an opportunity that may make me a significant profit? If we knew each other well, you might actually listen. The reality is that we turn most people down when they ask for money, even when we do know them well. But let’s pretend for some reason you decided to hear me out. You would want to know everything specifically about the investment and how you’d get your money back. You’d also want to know how long I needed it for and what interest rate I’d pay you to borrow your money. Lastly, you’d want to know how I can ensure that if my investment deal doesn’t work out your money would still be safe. We can agree that these are all reasonable components that would more than likely be a part of our conversation, right? Well, I want to use this example to show you why investing in Wall Street is a terrible idea. I know you may not agree with me yet. After all that’s where all of our 401k money is and that is where our financial advisor puts our funds, but if you stick with me on this I will show you why Wall Street is a bad idea and I will show you a better, safer, and more profitable alternative.  

  1. You don’t know Wall Street.Let’s face it, they’re strangers to you. We are taught growing up “don’t talk about your money” and “don’t talk to strangers”. You are violating both of those basic laws when you invest your money with Wall Street. Not only do you not know any of them personally, but in general Wall Street is one of the most dishonest groups in our country. 2008 was caused by none other than the Wall Street Casino. Would you give your money to a complete stranger who had a criminal record? I wouldn’t. That’s exactly what you’re doing when you invest with the boys on Wall Street.
  2. You don’t know what they’re investing in. I used to sell stock market investment products. I studied and got all of the licenses. In fact, I did so well I got a 96% on my test. Why do I share that? Because after all of those tests and years of industry experience, even I cannot confidently say I know what you’re getting when you invest with Wall Street. We all know that you’ll obviously be buying a “share”. But what is a share? It’s ownership in a company isn’t it? Well yes, but that should mean you have control over the company to somedegree,right? After all you’re going to be an owner and everything. Nope! Go buy a share of Apple stock and then call them with a cool new product idea. You’ll end up on the customer service line and never be listened to. Well you’re at least guaranteed some sort of financial benefit, right? Nope! There is no guarantee of dividends, there is no guarantee that the stock price will go up, and, if the company goes bankrupt you are the last person to be paid. That’s right. You’ll be dead last. They will pay off everyone they owe money to before they will pay you. If we’re objective about this, when you invest with Wall Street you are purchasing an invisible item, with no guarantees, from a complete stranger, with a criminal record. How’s that sound to you?  
  3. You don’t earn interest. In a traditional lending sense if I borrowed money from you to go invest you would charge me interest. Well guess what? Wall Street is not paying you any interest to speculate with your money. In fact, it’s quite opposite. You’re paying them “interest”. It’s called an asset management fee. On average these can range from 1-2% of your total portfolio value that you’ll pay to them EVERY SINGLE YEAR. Remember when I said there are no guarantees with Wall Street? I lied. There is a guarantee and that is they will earn their fee no matter what, regardless of whether they make you money or not. What can I say? The house always wins.

There are dozens of reasons Wall Street is a bad idea, but I wanted to share these 3 with you for today. The bottom line is that when you invest money, you should earn a fixed interest rate regardless of performance, there should be no asset management fees, and your money should be secured with a real asset that you understand and can seize ownership of in the event your borrower can’t pay you. I can provide you with that investment.  

Click here to schedule a free consultation to free your money from the Wall Street Casino. In our first meeting I can reduce your life insurance, health insurance, and investment costs by 25%, guarantee an increase in your savings rate, and help you secure an 8-10% fixed annual return on your investments. Schedule our meeting now.  


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Jerry Fetta 

Jerry Fetta is a husband, son of Yahweh, Entrepreneur and owner of 5 privately held businesses. Jerry lives in Alaska with his wife and 2 dogs. His no-nonsense approach to business, finances, and life speaks truth and provides clarity to his clients and followers. His personal mission in life is to empower millions of leaders to own their God-given, ultimate potential. 

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