How to Find More Cash Buyers!

How to find Real Estate investors? Put yourself out there! That’s how you find cash buyers! Go to the section 8 housing in your city and talk to the people that live there, ask your friends and family, use social media. WWW.CHRISROOD.COM

What I learned from the Last Mastermind and Why it’s Important! -Chris Rood

Attending these masterminds will give you gems that will make you millions over a lifetime. Yes, it costly but the relationships and golden nuggets that you get cannot be bought or sold. Masterminds remind you of the basics that you already know and those things really make a difference. Sending a $100 gift basket to […]

What are you addicted to? – Chris Rood

How do you become successful? How do you set up your daily routines to attain your goals and live a better life? You start getting addicted to the things that take you to the next level.

Why You Should Hire a Mentor! – Chris Rood

Chris Rood is a Real Estate wholesaling expert, with many years of success in the industry. Success leaves clues, and as Chris explains in this video there are shortcuts to opting a successful business if you know where to get the right information.

Why you suck at Real Estate Investing and Wholesaling – Chris Rood

Chris Rood explains the skills that you need to crush it and get deals in Real Estate and gives specific examples on how to apply them. Know how to grow your wholesale business and do well in your market. Learn the secrets of the business from Chris and the specific things you can do to grow your business.