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We are all preparing for the upcoming New Year in just a few weeks. Many of us start by making New Year’s Resolutions—but the real question is how many of these do we keep over the span of 12 months. Whether for your business or for your personal life, here are some important tips that can spell the difference between failure and success.


Employ the power of:


  • Visualization – write everything in great detail.
  • Being your own programmer – the subconscious mind can’t tell whether you’re feeding it good or bad “programming.” You might as well feed it the good things about who you are—or hope to be.
  • Written goals – there is something magical about having the discipline of writing down your goals. That process makes them real.
  • Having a written game-plan – a written game-plan gives you the steps that will take you from the basement to the penthouse.
  • Repetition – there is no substitute for experience, and you only get experience by repetition.
  • Clarity —  there is no substitute for clarity. A well-defined vision of who you want to be, what you want to have, and when you want to achieve it gives you focus on achieving your dreams.
  • World-class concentration – yes, life throws all kinds of obstacles in our paths, but the person who commits to a path and a plan of action, no matter what, is the person who gets the gold medal.


Read your written statement/game-plant aloud, twice daily, morning and night. As you read, you must see, feel and believe yourself already in possession of what you desire. You must believe it before you’ll have it. Burning desire is critical. How good will you will when you achieve your goals?


Get ready to fight for what you want. Life will only give you what you fight for.

Take control:


Accept being average and ordinary?-→You get it.

Accept being extraordinary?-→ You get it.

Accept being unhappy?-→ You get it.

Accept being successful?-→ You get it.


You’ve got to DEMAND for yourself Happiness and Success!

You’ve got to be a DREAMER! Being a dreamer means someone who’s action-oriented.

You’ve got to COMPETE!


And, finally, just remember: You can CHANGE (but only if you want to).


Susan Mesrobyan may be reached at (310) 954-7974 or


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