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Are you doing enough to ensure the success of your business? Does your marketing include pre-engagement? Does your customer service include post-engagement?


You have to reach out and actively fight for your potential customer’s attention. Your customers rarely come to you completely organically. It happens, but do you really want to wait for that? Your pre-engagement plan will be the strategy you use to find and attract your target audience. Check out the infographic for tips on how to create your pre-engagement plan.


And once you’ve caught your customer and provided them with a product or a service, do you just let them go and disappear into the sunset? No! You bring them back into the cycle. You reach out and re-interest them. You make sure that they are satisfied and eager to continue working with you. The infographic provides tips for building this post-engagement plan.



Plan it. Map it out. But definitely don’t skip this step. Being more organized will improve your strategy and lower your risk of flopping.





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