It is within the easy choices where comfort lies, it is within the hard choices where success lies. It is a common issue that people are conditioned to make the easier choices, as it is a matter of feeling comfortable. The easy choices seem the most natural due to how we are conditioned. We are raised to focus solely on this routine: graduate school, garner a job, attend college, graduate, and then spend your life working very hard with the hopes to retire at 65-years-old. That is just it, the “hope”. We are conditioned to follow this system and allow our lives to be based on hope.
We are conditioned to commit to the very same lifestyle of 97% of the world, and it is expected that within this lifestyle you’ll garner some success. That is the key word, some. It is unusual to see someone chase their dream, and I mean their real dream, not the career that has the most amount of money. That is an issue man face growing up, they are conditioned to focus on what has the highest salary. With this they are expected to ignore their dreams. Tell someone your dream is to be a lead singer, and they will tell you to do it only as a hobby, and to remain focused on your “job”.
Think about all the contradictions in the world, all the advice you were told when you were younger to dream, and now you speak of your dream and it is shot down. It is frustrating to know majority of society sees dreaming as juvenile, they honestly tell you to grow up when you express our dream. No, I do not accept that, however, the easy choice is to listen to them and choose to follow their outdated, negative, and lack of motivation advice. It is easy to ignore yourself as it seems normal to listen to everyone else, as that is exactly how you were conditioned growing up. Following this advice may seem easy, however, the reality of you garnering your dream is very unlikely. The easy choice is a guarantee you will have regret.
It is very easy to make excuses to why you did not chase your dream, the hard choice is admitting you chose to ignore your passion. It is easier to blame the lack of results on others, it is hard to blame yourself. The reality is there is so much positive in holding yourself accountable. When you accept responsibility for your lack of actions it helps you mature, you’ll never be able to not make the same mistake if you’re unaware it was a mistake. Admit when you are wrong, and choose the hard choice to blame yourself, thus allowing yourself opportunity to grow.
All the lessons you need to learn to succeed are within the hard choices, yes, I understand your comfort level will be tested here, and that is exactly what needs to be done. You need to be uncomfortable with your choices, it is with these experiences you can learn how you being comfortable was counterproductive to your result, your comfort level is determined by your fear and limitations, if you feel comfortable you are not risking enough. You should have this drive to overcome whatever it is making you feel comfortable, and this process begins with choosing the hard options, and disallowing yourself making the easy ones.
It has been mentioned repeatedly, and this is to the fact it is true, results only show up when you do. As you remain comfortable making the easy choices you miss amazing opportunities you need to experience. All while you remain comfort with the easy choices the successful ones are making hard choices on the daily, they are doing what you are so hesitant to do. Those who succeed are the ones who do what others fear to do.
It is time to make those hard choices, and the time is now. Choose to overcome comfort, choose to be a comfort killer.
Remain uncomfortable,
Dave M. Boddy for The Comfort Killers

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