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Success or failure in network marketing

How we solve the problems associated with failure in network marketing

First, Why Network Marketing:

Network marketing professional, Eric Worre, says that there are really eight great reasons why network marketing is the best form of entrepreneurship for the average person. These reasons are:

  1. The initial investment is low compared to traditional business.
  2. Network Marketing has the potential for unlimited upside.
  3. The product is already created for you.
  4. Incredible leverage with your time and your team.
  5. The support is already there for you built in and ready.
  6. You can start with almost no skills, and learn as you grow.
  7. You have the flexibility to work in your own time.
  8. There is a safety net. If it doesn’t work out for you, most companies will give 90% of your money back within the first year.


Problem: If network marketing is so good, why do people fail?

  1. They don’t know what to do.
  2. They have no system.
  3. They try it for a bit and lose focus.
  4. They don’t have people to talk to.
  5. They have no support team.


Action: Our Solution… GAMP: Network Marketing on Turbo Drive

  1. Global Affiliate Marketing Pros is now offering training on Grant Cardone Sales Training University. Grant Cardone mentors our people in selling, negotiating, cold calling, follow-up, and closing deals.
  2. We have a full system solution for our people. Including sales funnels and marketing automation, with a built-in dialer, SMS capabilities and full integration into your CRM, to grow your own business with our software from any computer or smart phone. In addition to this we have the top industry professionals teaching social media marketing training and selling tools. Struggle to sell your products? Use our built-in financing to close more deals.
  3. Our system keeps you focused. The sales platform that includes the latest technology in customer relationship management couples with a smart phone app that allows people to access their back office to manage and grow their business on the fly. A study by Deloitte found that on average, people in the United States across all age groups check their phones 46 times per day.
  4. We provide the warm leads (access to over 40,000,000 leads and growing) so people always have someone to talk to. One of the biggest reasons people say they weren’t successful in network marketing is that they don’t have anyone to talk to, but we give our people enough warm leads to eliminate that excuse.
  5. We have the ultimate support and training: videos, webinars, and live training.

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