Success Can Come at Any Age

We all know the art of master painters like Cezanne, Picasso, Da Vinci and Van Gogh. Some of them reached fame and fortune early, some late, and some not at all in their own lifetime. You don’t want to be like the last one, who never got there. All of them who reached wealth and success did it through constant training, hard work, and perfecting their abilities. No one remembers the artists who gave up, didn’t pursue their dreams and stopped pushing to their potential instead of living in their ‘reality’.

I’ve talked many times about becoming a millionaire by age 30 but many of you are older or much older than that already—you can still reach wealth. If you weren’t an early bloomer, you can still get there. You need big, bold impact to massively increase your income, but you also need constant, steady persistence to build your wealth.

To put another way, the lesson of the tortoise and hare teaches children that the tortoise wins because he takes his time, whereas the hare rushes, becomes tired, and misses the opportunity to win. We’re supposed to learn that we should be a tortoise—that people should approach things steadily and slowly. This is incomplete. If there were a third player in the fable who had the speed of the hare and the steadfastness of the tortoise, it wouldn’t be a competition—they would dominate.

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You need to approach your finances like the tortoise and the hare—by committing, getting started and also by staying with it throughout the course of the “race.” Be the tortoise and the hare. Or, like the master painters, you don’t want to hit it big and not keep up that fire. A painting done by Picasso in his early 20s was worth four times as much than a painting he did when he was older. For Cezanne, it was the opposite. You don’t want to hit it big early or late, the idea is to do both and even if you are past your 30s you can hit it big and keep that up if you commit to creating wealth and success in your life.

One of my biggest regrets was I didn’t go big enough, fast enough from the very beginning. I still had a million dollars at a relatively young age, but I know that it was beneath my potential and I could have had my first million much sooner if I would’ve committed to investing in myself at a younger age.

You might be 25 years old in the prime energy of your youth, a burning star already well on your way to your first million as Picasso was already making a name for himself in his early days. Or maybe you are approaching 60 and just recently took hold of the 10X mindset and have a lot of ground to make up. Don’t focus on the past, focus on the future and what you can create today and tomorrow.

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Young, old, middle-aged—success doesn’t care how old you are—you can soon be a millionaire. The truth is you need to get your finances right no matter which life stage you are currently in. We live on an economic planet. If you’re 18, get rich; If you are 75, get rich. Reach up in your relationships because if you could get 9 millionaires to be your friend, you’ll become number 10.

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