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Whatever It Takes Network is for entrepreneurs, business owners, go-getters, startups, sales organizations, and success-minded people that want to control where they get their news and their solutions.

This channel is for those that refuse to be spectators and demand to be in control of the content they receive, understanding that the outcomes of life are literally the thoughts that you consume.

On you will find coverage of topics like advertising, branding, business, career, education, entrepreneurs, finance, investing, money, marriage, network marketing, real estate, small business, startups, venture capital and more, delivered by over twenty superstar experts and guests. All media is going digital. Just this month it was reported that digital media ad spend is now bigger than national TV advertising and will surpass total TV ads by 2018. Mobile phones, tablets and desktop computers are now replacing television sets where the consumer can access a sporting event, music, news feeds and read one of my articles at, or all at the same time! NBC recently reported that over 70% of their live content is consumed online. Netflix and Hulu are taking monster market share from NBC, CBS and ABC with millions of Americans replacing their cable provider with online channels.

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For Access to over 41 Shows, articles and on-demand seminars subscribe now to

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