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A Content Strategy That Will Save Time, Money, And Boost Your ROI

Writing quality content takes time. It takes resources. So you really shouldn’t create it, post it, and leave it there. You need to make efficient content marketing or you waste your efforts.


Posting content on your website will improve your SEO. But it isn’t enough to bring considerable leads to your site.


Content doesn’t share itself. You have to give it a boost.


Here are ways we suggest getting the most out of your content marketing, all based on experience, trials and errors.

Efficient Content Marketing


You should be posting your content, whether it be videos, articles, infographics, or whatnot, on all social media channels you are on. It’s easy to post articles on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, but Instagram is a bit trickier.


Instagram doesn’t allow you to include clickable links in normal posts. You can pay for an advertisement (which gives you a clickable option) or you can do what we did. We created “ads” with nice, alluring graphics and posted the link to our blog in the “status”. We’ve had success with this.


Text for Other Pieces of Content

There’s no need to spend so much time writing a bunch of separate text for separate pieces of content.


Here’s an example.

  • Write an article.
  • Pull text/inspiration from the article and format it into an ad.
  • Use part of the article, whether a summary, takeaway points, or something, from the article and create an infographic.
  • Make a short video talking about the same theme.

Now you’ve turned one article into at least four different pieces of content.


Efficient content marketing saves time and energy. It also gives your content marketing strategy coherence and order.


  1. Save time, energy, and money with your content creation.
  2. Post your content on all social networks, taking into account the special characteristics of each network.
  3. Write articles so that they can be easily translated into different pieces of content like ads, infographics, and videos.


Pixel506 can help you with your content marketing

We’d love to help you out! We write content and blogs for several companies and we’ve seen great increases in ROI because of it. Check us out at http://pixel506.com/ to learn more about our services.


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