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Stop Protesting, Start Parenting

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Husband and wife team, Grant and Elena Cardone, tackle the subjects of balance, marriage, family, and business—and how you can 10X all of them.

Last night, on April 28th, Grant did his live video webcast, How to Make Millions on the Phone. You can see the recorded version, receive the eBook and also get bonus material by registering here.

While on WIOD to host Rick Sanchez’s show for 2 hours, they proposed he talks for the entire time on the Baltimore Riots.

At 16 Grant had far longer days than he knew what to do with. That is the demographic that was the majority of the Baltimore Riots. They burned a CVS; they stole and burned cars, and caused wanton destruction in response to Freddie Gray’s death.

The firefighters and police officers did not intervene so that the situation was not escalated. What do you think they should have done?

What kind of people would damage their own community as a solution to a problem? It deflects the attention from the real issue.

Get your facts straight:
• 1,000 people were killed by police officers in America during 2014
• There are only 1-million police officers in America to protect 311-million people

Ray Lewis has the right message, “Get off the streets!”

Why the media is a problem:
• The protestors spent 6 days in peaceful protest, and there was no media coverage.
• The instant one act of violence occurred, the media was all over it.

Where are the parents in this community? Watch to see one parent who took the right amount of action to address her son, who was rioting.

When are you going to start taking responsibility for your community?

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