How many people do you know who lack responsibility with regards to their money and investing? I’m here to tell you today that IRA’s, Stocks, and Mutual Funds are vulnerable vehicles for individual investors. Everyone knows there is no such thing as getting rich quick yet the masses continue to invest in the hopes of it, and the masses always follow each other right off a cliff.

The individual investor needs to heed the following policy: never, never, never follow the masses with your investment dollars, and it is better to miss profits than later miss your capital.

When the herd starts moving in any direction it will always be over-done, it will always end badly and nobody is going to save your investment dollars. You need to immediately reevaluate all of your investments and make sure you fully understand and can easily explain exactly where and what your investments are. If you can’t tell me where your money is invested, what products they produce and how they make a profit you need to get out of that investment immediately.

If an investor is willing to continue to blindly trust others with their money, and act completely irresponsible in doing so, there will always be others that are willing to lose your money.

Following the herd is financial death. People who don’t think independently when it comes to their finances will eventually go to slaughter. Let’s face it, being average is a failing formula and the marketplace never discriminates, it is bipartisan and relentlessly disciplines those that don’t discipline themselves.

I got my money out of stocks, I don’t own a home, and I don’t participate in nor offer any 401K’s for any of my companies. My investments are sure things, and if they ever do go down, the whole world will be out with me. I invest in multi-family real estate. Not many people do this, but it’s the best way to leverage your savings, go all in and start creating massive wealth for yourself.

The herd will tell you to go to college, buy a house, stuff your 401K, and diversify your “portfolio” in the stock market. Good luck with that.

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What trends have you been sold that you stopped following?

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