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Steve Kalayjian & Grant Cardone

In this Show

Grant Cardone’s brand new raw-and-uncut show, Confessions of an Entrepreneur, takes you right into the front seat of Grant’s daily life. Ride along with him and his entrepreneurial guests as they explore Miami Beach. Grant manages to get each guest to confess about something personal from their past—unplanned and unedited.

This show is not for the feint of heart.

Mr. Kalayjian starts off with a brutal story from the 20s or 30s where his grandmother seeing her father beheaded right before her eyes just because he wouldn’t convert from Christianity to the Muslim religion.

Confession: He built up $3,000 when he was 18-19 years old doing side jobs while he was entry level on Wall Street. He buys a security call option at $54 per share, and he watched it drop down to $0. He had lost everything. Over the next week the stock slowly crept up and he ended up making ~$5k on top of his investment. Lesson learned: Never average down; when you’re wrong you just get the fuck out.

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