Steve Griggs Featured on Huffington Post

In a recent article by Huffington Post Steve Griggs was featured with top Entrepreneurs such as Tai Lopez, Donny Deutsch and others on the 11 Nightime Rituals of Entrepreneurs see his excerpt below!

9. The early bird cliche exists for a reason
I go to bed around 9 pm. Why? So I can get up around 4 am. Eric Thomas, the hip-hop preacher, taught me, “If I’m up at 4 and my competition is up at 7, I have a three-hour head start, and there’s no way they can compete.” I don’t need to be as smart as my competition, I just have to get to the “spot” before they do. And when I rise, I send a few very early emails to important clients, for which their reaction is usually, “Wow! If this guy is thinking of me at 4 am, he really does care.” 

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