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Steve Griggs Design – Construction in New York

We Provide Contracting Services to Property Managers & Building Owners. Specializing In; Lobby Renovations, Rooftop Gardens and Landscape Architecture and Design Complete Construction Management Services.

Our Project Management System makes it easy to keep track of everything in one place, from anywhere. We provide an additional layer of management to monitor and control projects right here in New York City. Our systems reduce overall communications while drastically increasing the speed and quality of all projects.

When it comes to construction what is Important to Property Managers?

Well, we did some research and this is what we heard…

  1. Show up…and On Time. The real estate industry is known for being tardy.

  2. A job as a Property Manager comes down to one thing: make your client happy. 

  3. No surprises. Take care of issues yourself (contractor)

  4. Honest and timely communication…keep us informed

  5. Periodic updates regarding project progress 

We asked… and we listened and will continue to listen!

What have we done?  At Contracting Services NYC, our focus is to lighten the load for Property Managers traveling around the city checking on tenants, superintendents, owner reps and working with us on projects, among other things.  All of which requires a ton of communication about schedules, tasks, details, plan approvals and change orders.  Which they need to communicate to their managers on a timely basis.

Want to get in contact with Steve Griggs?

Call: 914.879.5602







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