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If you don’t have the funds to build a pool house from scratch, home centers and other retailers offer premade versions. You can even turn a garden shed or another small outbuilding into a cabana. Follow these tips to keep your pool pad at its peak.

Follow your home’s architecture. Your pool house doesn’t have to match your home exactly, but it shouldn’t look as though it’s landed in the wrong yard, either. Be sure its style, lines and proportions complement those of the main house for visual cohesion.

Plan for both open air and indoor shelter. A wide overhang allows you and your guests to enjoy fresh air while staying out of the sun, but you’ll also want an enclosed interior space in case of rain.

Consider privacy. Guests changing into their swimsuits won’t want to feel as though they’re on display. Orient the pool house so that it’s as private as possible, and include features such as screens, privacy walls, frosted or etched windows, and shades or blinds.

Include niceties that will keep your home puddle free. If you have to traipse back and forth from your home to fetch cold drinks and fresh towels, that defeats the point of a pool house. Stock it with a mini fridge, snacks, dishware, extra towels and other touches. Add a small bathroom area with a toilet, sink and shower so that guests can rinse off as soon as they get out of the water.

Build in ample storage. Pool gear can be cumbersome, and it has a tendency to accumulate. Layer in shelving, cabinets and functional furnishings, such as storage benches, to keep your pool house free of clutter.

Allow plenty of space for entertaining. Parties are half the fun of having a pool house. Outfit it with comfortable seating, cocktail and coffee tables and, if you like, a bar so that you’re ready for a fiesta on short notice. Choose stylish outdoor fabrics and other waterproof surfaces — you don’t want people to feel as though they can’t sit down in a wet swimsuit.

Don’t forget the electronics. A sound system, dimmer-controlled lighting, and Wi-Fi go a long way toward making your pool house both pleasant and functional. If you expect to entertain by the pool during major events, such as the Summer Olympics or the Master’s golf tournament, you might also include a television set.

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