What do You Spend Your Time On? – Harish Rao

Time and tide waits for no one. There is a lot of truth in this old adage. Lets take the number of hours we have in a week and lets break it down to see what we do with our time.

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We have 168 hours in a week i.e. 24 x 7 that we spend:

Sleeping:                  56 hours

Working:                  40 hours

Personal stuff:         8 hours

Miscellaneous:        16 hours

Total:                       120 hours

This leaves us a balance of 48 hours!  The single biggest complaint that I hear is that people have no time. I believe that that people have all the time in the world. But, do not utilize their time effectively.

Can you imagine how we can change our lives if we can optimally use the 48 hours?  Imagine you spending 2 hours every week on your personal vision, add another 7 hours towards personal development and you still have 39 hours left! 

The people that bear the brunt of our lack of time are our family and our loved ones. Imagine that you have 39 hours left and we still tell them that we cannot spend time with them because we are busy or tired. What kind of message are we giving them? What are we doing to ourselves?

The top achievers in the world work between 80 and 100 hours a week. Have you heard stories about them burning out? No! It does not happen. On the contrary, top achievers have time to follow their passion. Why? They work hard on what they are passionate about. If they are not passionate about something, they make it their passion until they are done with it. 

For the rest of us that are still working our way to the top, my only suggestion is that we should utilize our time better. The biggest consumers of time in our life are Television and social media. Imagine we cut down our television and social media by two hours each and dedicate the same towards our vision and towards the people that we love. We will be creating an entirely different universe for ourselves. 

And for those of us that tell people that we don’t have time for them or that we need time for ourselves, let’s be honest! What is the message that we are trying to give them. WE DON’T WANT TO SPEND TIME WITH YOU!

Haha! Let’s man up (or woman up) and do the right thing. Let’s tell them:

1.That we don’t want to change our lives or

2.That we don’t want to move out of our comfort zone or

3.That we have different priorities in life or

4.We will act as victims and will not change or

5.We are happy in our comfort zone or

6.We are very good at giving reasons on why something IS NOT. 

You can also replace OR with AND in the above situations. 

If you want to improve your life, I suggest that you commit to the following:

1. Commit to spend at least 30 min working on yourself.

2. Commit to spend at least 30 min working on your vision

3. Decide who you want to spend your time with

4. Be brave and tell people that you don’t want to spend time with that you don’t want to waste your time on them. This leads to heightened clarity in your mind. This will release pressure and stress. 

5. Reduce time spent on television and social media by 50%. 

How we spend our time actually says a lot about ourselves! The excuses that we make for poor time management says a lot about how we handle ourselves and our relationships. The question that we MUST ask ourselves is “Are we masters of our time?” or “do we run after time?” The more we run after time, the more time runs out on us! – Harish Rao

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