Speed is Power and Amazon is in the Lead—Making Delivery Drivers Irrelevant

Earlier this week Amazon made their first commercial drone delivery. Some dude ordered a Fire TV and some popcorn near Cambridge in the U.K. and the drone, guided by GPS, flew 400 feet over the English countryside—over sheep and bails of hay, over small orchards and barns—until it set down in the grass just 13 minutes after takeoff.

Amazon’s goal with this project is to get packages to customers in 30 minutes or less. Now that’s speed.

Some people feel that drone delivery on a large scale will never work because of the safety concerns of having thousands of drones crowding city skylines. How will it work in a place like Manhattan? They say it’s more science fiction than reality. Keep in mind, though, people were skeptical of wireless communication back in the day, too. The internet, if a person could have imagined it 50 years ago, would seem like science fiction. We could very easily be on the verge of living in a world where drones flying around are commonplace.

Of course, there are challenges. Amazon will have to build thousands of warehouses for drone pickups. They will have to figure things out like night delivery or how to handle things when the weather goes bad. I’ve said before that if you have a strong enough reason to do something, you’ll figure it out sooner or later.

If Amazon really wants this to happen, they will make it happen. 


Will thousands of drones risk crashing into each other over Manhattan trying to deliver hundreds of thousands of packages? I don’t know, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a solution to that. Too many people worry about the details and it stops them from taking any action. The ‘whys’ in your life give you a reason to do things, and if you have a strong enough WHY, you too will figure out the hows.

Another piece to this is that a lot of people complain about how technology replaces jobs. Even if thousands of delivery man jobs are lost through the usage of drones, there will be jobs gained from this. Someone needs to make drones, people are needed to design the software, maintain them, and monitor them. It should increase skilled jobs. That means if you are a delivery man, it’s time to skill up. Become a drone pilot.

Never assume the job you have today will be around tomorrow, but if you learn how to sell you will never be without work.

Skill up today on Cardone University where I am teaching thousands of others right now the art of sales. This is the one skill you need to earn massive amounts of money in life—and no drone can deliver this to you.

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