Someone Will Always Be Bigger Than You

The competition thing is overrated and it doesn’t work. You don’t want to try and be the biggest jet. You don’t want to try and make the most money, you don’t want to try to be the best of the best. There will always be somebody faster and stronger and richer. Don’t play the game, “I Gotta Be #1.”

What does that even mean?

“I Gotta Be the Biggest?”

“I’ve gotta have the best car.”

Having the most expensive watch and the hottest chick…what does that even mean? It’s a game you cannot win. You’ll get your brains handed to you. Don’t try to play the game “I’m the Biggest”. It’s a stupid game. It’s a loser’s game. You have to find what you need in life, stop comparing your goals to others’.

I’m sure you’re thinking, “But Grant, you’re constantly pushing for more. You have plenty.”… and the truth is, I have “enough” if you compare me to someone else, but only I know my own potential. I push against that potential every day. Bigger. Faster. Stronger. 10X.

People that get in the game of comparing themselves to others and thinking “I’ve got to be the biggest or best” have to keep reaching, not because they need it, but because their ego is like “I gotta be the biggest.” Don’t play the “I gotta be the strongest” either because sooner or later you won’t be. A guy told me once he was flying into New York Teterboro, a small private airport near NYC, and he said he thought he was the man.

Then he saw the other planes rolling around and his was smaller. He was playing a loser’s game comparing himself with people who had 10X the money he had. There will always be someone…





But don’t let any of that stop you from reaching YOUR full potential. You won’t feel good when you compare yourself with others, but if you start reaching your potential you will feel good about yourself. Knowing that you are doing at or near what you are capable of is an ego boost. And really, the only person you should be trying to impress is yourself.

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While you shouldn’t play the “I’m the biggest game” comparing yourself to others, you should try and be the biggest you can be—and that means scaling. There are 28 million small businesses in America and many break even or lose money. This is because they stay small—and staying small will never help you reach your potential.

Scaling your business will be a hot topic at the 10X Growth Conference 2018. I’m bringing in top CEOs of big companies doing in excess of $100 million a year in sales. These are real executives of real companies to help you learn first hand how they scaled their companies from an idea to a 10X powerhouse.

Discover the mistakes they made along the way and how you can avoid getting caught in the same traps. Learn the leadership and growth strategies that they employed to drive sales and revenues over $100,000,000, and hear from them what they see and what they are planning for the next 3-5 years in the economy.

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