How a smart watch can make you money? – Tim Clark

How a smart watch can make you money?

I received my first smart watch from my wife as a Christmas gift this past year. Surprisingly, prior to this,
I wasn’t into the smart watch hype too much. In fact, prior to receiving this gift, I never wore a watch. Being a
tech guy, I’m always in front of a computer screen or my cell phone, so I figured there was no need for a watch. It
wasn’t until I started to discover that the smart watches these technology companies are creating, are not meant to
be an addition to your cellphone, or a computer, or a clock; but to at times, be used in place of those items.
These savvy computers on your wrist, can make you money! How does this start? By making your
business better. Let’s discuss the ways in which a smart watch can make your business better, and make you more

1. The obvious one, tell time: Time is money! Staying on task, being mindful of your schedule, and having time
management will improve your business and make you more money. The more production you can have in a day equals
more billable work.

2. Never miss a call: The scenario isn’t one we ever want to be in, but consider you’re in a conversation with a
colleague in the office, or you have taken a walk to the restroom and happen to leave your phone on your desk,
and just so happen to miss a call from a prospective client. Every call you miss, costs you money. Same as every
call you take or make, increases your money. Smart watches allow you to take or make a call without having your
phone. The device doesn’t leave your wrist, therefore practically reducing the chance for you to miss a call. I have
a Samsung S3 smart watch. This smart watch allows me to leave my phone behind, I don’t even need to be near
my phone to make or receive phone calls. Who’s got my money!

3. Add a quick note: The Entrepreneur is constantly thinking of new ideas, and finding inspirations in day to day
activities. The smart watch allows you to hands-free simply speak into the watch, add a note which can transfer
into your other devices and even your calendar. You can use an Evernote app to store and create important notes,
and/or Nikos Computer Engineering can create an app to store important documents, files, notes etc to your smart
watch and be linked to your devices.

4. Create a smart watch business app: Regardless of your business, a custom app can integrate with your current
business processes to streamline and optimize your operations. Nikos can build a custom watch app for you, your
business and your customers.

5. Customize notifications that you receive: You can customize how you receive alerts based on the needs and
importance level within your business. This can be through vibration levels, sounds, and effects.
Allow yourself to have more customization for your business through technology. If you have any questions or
need any help with technology within your business please feel to reach out to Nikos Computer Engineering.

Tim Clark is the founder of Nikos Computer Engineering and is a Certified Amazon Web Services Developer and
Solutions Architect. Nikos utilizes AWS to develop software solutions for small businesses using Artificial Intelligence,
Machine Learning and Natural Language Understanding. To learn more and to get started visit
Also like and follow us on social media. Nikos Computer Engineering

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