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Surviving the Slump – The G&E Show

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Feelings are overrated—they are just emotions and don’t mean anything. You have a hand but you are not a hand. It doesn’t define who you are. Neither should your emotions. If you’re depressed, you’re probably rehashing the past. You are stuck in a sympathy band.

We are better when we are looking towards the future. Sometimes when you reach one of your goals, there’s a vacuum after you accomplish it. You have to keep asking yourself what’s next, what’s out there?

Exercising is something that you need for your health, but it’s not going to sustain you for the long-term. Going to the gym might make you happy, but only in short cycles. Having big things to look forward to is what sustains you. That’s what 10X is all about.

Elena and I just had this successful event, the 10X Growth Conference. When it was over, we took a two-week ski trip in Utah. Afterwards, Elena was feeling a little down. We accomplished something massive but now she needs to find something to fill the vacuum—something big that’s in the future.

Why do you think that so many rock stars, pro athletes, and successful people have drug problems? Because when they reach their goal, they have nothing left. That’s why 10X is so important. It’s orders of magnitude.

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