From the Article:
5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Get to Work Early:

  1. Nobody likes a “thirsty” employee
  2. You’re alienating colleagues
  3. You seem like a pushover
  4. You’re not management material
  5. You’ll be taken for granted

The above list is ridiculous.

As a counter, I want to give you 2 Reasons Why You’re Broke:

1. You’re only making enough money to get by.
I know what it’s like to be broke, and the only thing worse than being broke is to just barely get by month after month. 76% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck. People put so much effort into budgeting money—which is playing defense, not offense—that they never escape their economic conditions.

To manage your own economy, you have to create money by playing offense in the marketplace. The unwillingness to do the jobs no one else wants to is why people don’t have money. Everyone wants to be the CEO, the director, the manager, the author—well, guess what? Someone must do the selling. I work a lot and most people complain about nine-to-five schedules.

If you aren’t working and thinking about how to get ahead before, during, and after work, you aren’t getting ahead.

2. You have no money to invest.
A person making $63,000 (before taxes) spends an average of $49,000 to $51,000 on housing, transportation, food, insurance, entertainment, childcare, health care and other expenditures. Take 20 percent out of that formula for taxes and you have no money left over for savings or investments.

Having enough money for investments won’t make you happy—but neither will you not having the money to take care of your family and create the life you want. Having less than you deserve is just another form of being broke. People somehow try to make sense of not having enough and make excuses but if your money situation sucks you must admit it.

The first step to any makeover or recovery is to admit you have a problem.

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