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Ask a Millionaire with Shawn Thomas and Grant Cardone

In this Show

This week on Power Players Grant Cardone interviews Shawn Thomas, aka Ask a Millionaire. Shawn retired at age 45 after selling his business for $20 million. From Alaska, he started in sales at age 12 as a paperboy. He has always been a “why” person—a guy that doesn’t want to be told to do something. He wants to be told why to do it. In this way Shawn admits entrepreneurs have a problem with authority—you want to do things your way and you believe you can do it better than what else is out there.

Grant and Shawn discuss that if you want a lambo you don’t get advice from someone driving a Camry, partnering in business is risky and communication is key just like every relationship, and if you want to start a business, become an industry expert. Shawn explains there is a difference between wanting to own a business and wanting to start a business. Shawn has built his Instagram following to 500K by being and expert and says the best best thing you can do to move up is find someone who has been there and done that.