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In this Show

Grant and Elena Cardone discuss sex. Why couples aren’t having it and what they must do to get in the mood. Grant and Elena begin the show explaining how their headboard was infested with termites. Elena was horrified by this and decided to sleep in the guest bedroom. However, the separate sleeping didn’t infringe upon their sex life. Grant encourages couples not to let outside influences ruin the sexual connection because it is important.

Grant and Elena refer to an article on Woman’ listing the reasons couples are not having sex offering their take and fun banter on each. They include:

1. He wants to relax after work.
2. He’s reminded of the kids.
3. Preoccupied with video games and sports.
4. It’s her time of the month.
5. He wants more spontaneous sex.
6. Performance anxiety.
7. He feels fat or not ok with his appearance.
8. Watching too much porn.
9. Worried about work.
10. He’d rather sleep.

Grant and Elena share that they have a very healthy sex life and communication is key. They also make sure they have their private time even with two young daughters. Grant believes couples must commit to sex and those who feel the sex is off or not frequent enough aren’t truly committed to sex.
1. Society has made sex a taboo topic.
2. Sex is often tied to an emotional need.

Callers weigh in and one gives a solid piece of advice when he says, “You have to create the mood.”

Other mentions include: Steve Harvey, Act Like a Success Tour, Hard Rock Cancun, Tony Robbins, Patrice Washington, Woman’s Day, Marvin Gaye, Sexual Healing

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